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Cyber Security

Ensure stability of infrastructure, brand safety & customer loyalty.

What We Do

VirtuesTech specializes in assessing and penetration testing of web applications, mobile apps, web APIs, internal and external networks, and cloud configurations on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

We provide cybersecurity services and solutions to help protect infrastructure, information, software, and businesses from data breaches, threats, and vulnerabilities. In order to meet compliance standards, we use the latest industry standards, methodologies, and frameworks, such as OWASP. Our security services assist businesses in developing and delivering secure products.

Our Solutions

VirtuesTech provides endpoint security protection, data security, network monitoring, IT infrastructure vulnerability assessment and audit, and Network/Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC Services). We help enterprises in identifying vulnerabilities and protecting themselves from cyberattacks by utilizing leading-edge tools and cybersecurity technology advancements.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
VirtuesTech serves as your cybersecurity house, helping your organization overcome cybersecurity challenges. Our Security Operations Center experts will continuously monitor, manage, and analyze the organization's security.
Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing
In our penetration testing services, we examine computer systems, networks, APIs, and web & mobile applications for security vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit and evaluate an organization's security posture and compliance with its security policies for weaknesses.
Application Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

IOT Security Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

VirtusTech provides Network and Web Application Vulnerability Assessment services, identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing vulnerabilities and scanning through various security validations to identify pre-existing vulnerabilities.

Secure Code Review

IT infrastructure

Web and Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications

Security Operations Center
VirtuesTech serves as your cybersecurity house, helping your organization overcome cybersecurity challenges. Our Security Operations Center experts will continuously monitor, manage, and analyze the organization's security.

Reduction of security incidents

Providing cost-effective services

360-degree security coverage

24x7x365 service monitoring

Our Solutions

Requirements Ambiguity Testing

Improves requirements and reduces future defects in software by eliminating defects in the requirements phase of the SDLC.

Build verification Testing

Make sure the code changes made during the agile development process do not break the build and can be tested further.

Usability Testing

Identifies problems before they are coded and ensures your product will succeed before it goes to market.

Exploratory Testing

Real-time evaluation helps uncover defects and review a product's quality from a user's perspective.

User Acceptance Testing

Assures that the product will fulfill required actions in real-time scenarios as expected by end users.

Regression Testing

Make sure the updates or changes have not caused new defects in the existing system.

API Testing

Achieve market-leading APIs for a successful digital transformation.

Integration Testing

Ensure all modules works in synch with each other and do not introduce bugs.

Our Process

We provide a comprehensive automated and manual security assessment and code review service to identify security vulnerabilities in software applications. Our security experts are experienced, certified, and use the most up-to-date proprietary tools to run our security testing processes. We have extensive experience in security testing for a wide range of industries. We provide a wide range of security assessment and penetration testing services, including Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Infrastructure Security Assessments, Physical Security Assessments, Voice Over IP Penetration Testing, and Social Engineering.

VirtuesTech offers end-to-end security testing services by deploying cutting-edge technologies, tools, and guidelines to perform thorough security testing on all aspects of your software, mobile app, and web application for security vulnerabilities (including digital payments, information collection, and information storage).

Our Process


Acquire a clear understanding of the requirements, determine the approach, scope, templates, and engagement metrics.


Planning, Analysis and identify a scalable framework and tool designs for test infrastructure in order to develop testing pipelines.


Detection of threats, penetration attempts, applying VAPT technique, cleanup process, report, and analysis.


Deliver future-proof systems and enhance enterprise security, reliability, scalability, and resilience


Ensure brand safety and customer satisfaction through Security and Penetration Testing Services.

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